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I felt that the Doctor was very personable and helpful. The office is very nice in a great location. They have a pretty big selection of frames. I would recommend them to others.
–Karen S.
No waiting; Doctor and assistants were polite and answered all my questions. Was able to select a pair of glasses best suited for my personal needs – hard face to fit! Done in less than an hour.
–Jan S.
Up to date exam, kind, gentle treatment, thorough, knowledgeable and helpful. I have been a patient here for the last 6 years and after wearing contacts for 49 years and this by far is the best vision care I have ever received.
–Katherine M.
Thank you Dr. Galbraith and staff. My appreciation for your terrific professional service and support. My appointments have been smooth and I have been well taken care of. See you again soon!
–Monique G.
Ordered sunglasses easy & quickly. Seems to be less expensive than the local competition.
–Tiff S.
Dr. Galbraith was very thorough with his exam. He was able to fit me with custom contacts (synergeyes) for my kerataconis. I am very happy with the fit and vision I have with these contacts. His staff is willing to go the extra mile to make sure I had a pleasant experience picking out frames and lenses as well. I would recommend them highly.
–LaReesa P.
Shawn Galbraith is by far the best eye doctor I have ever had the pleasure to visit. I have been to several eye doctors and they have all been fantastic but Shawn Galbraith is the kindest, most respectable man and you can 100% count on him to be the doctor that really cares for you and not your money. He is very skilled and very professional–I would not go to any other doctor and recommend him to anyone within a 10 hour drive to his office
–Aaron F.

Able to get me in very fast (One day of calling) Excellent location, great store front. Everyobdy was very welcoming and warm to a first time patient. Would reccomend to anyone and will be coming here for visits to come.

–Zachary N.

I had a great experience at the "Eagle Vision" today:frienly stuff, good atmosphere. The doctor was very professional and helpful. Now I know where i Will come next year to take my eye exam.
–Angelina T.

I first came to Dr. Galbraith just over 1 year ago. I had been having trouble with my contacts. I was diagnosed with astigmatisms about 4 years ago. I could see with my new contacts for about 3 months then my vision would be blurred again. I described to Dr. Galbraith what was going on and he said that he thought there was something going on with my cornea. He sent me to a specialist for a test and he was right I have Pellucid Marginal Degeneration or thinning of the lower part of my Cornea. He fit me with specially made contacts and I have been able to see clearly since. Thank you Dr Galbraith.
I was so impressed with how I was treated by Dr. Galbraith and his staff. It is a friendly office and they're will to do whatever is possible to ensure that you're treated well. I highly recommend this office for your vision needs. They also have a great selection of frames and sunglasses to choose from.

I felt that the doctor was very nice and professional. He seemed very thorough in his exam. The have a lot of frames to choose from.

Great care, thorough exam, and helped me get accustomed to bifocals! Thanks!

Great Doctor!‎ Dr. Galbraith is very good! He does a thorough exam and he is a great listener. He explores all of your options and lets you help decide how you are going to take care of your eyes. Other eye doctors seem to want to promote certain contacts or promotions. He seems to care more about what is best for you. I highly recommend him.

Very Impressed‎. Dr. Galbraith and his staff have been so great to my family. He listens and adapts treatments to fit each individual. I was impressed by the level of care we have received and would highly recommend him to others. Taking care of your health is important. The Doctor you see is your choice! Why not go to one that has your best interests in mind!

My experience with Eagle Vison Center was perfect, from Dr. Galbraith's thorough exam, to Rene's assistance selecting frames for my two new pairs of glasees, to her fitting the glasses when they were ready. My eyeglass needs are pretty fussy – high density lenses, no-line bifocals, and stylish frames. Eagle met my every need and expectation. I was especially thrilled with the up-to-date frames. On my first visit, I saw a fine assortment of fresh, modern frames and more traditional frames. When I came back to pick up my glasses, there were even more new selections. Eagle really keeps their frame selection very fresh. I think the ultimate test of my two new pairs of glasses is this: After Rene's skillful fitting, I put them on and forgot about them. I see perfectly, and I haven't had a moment's discomfort. I can read, use the computer, and drive, without being the least bit aware of having to find the just the right spot to look through in my glasses. They're perfection. I strongly recommend Dr. Galbraith and his staff. I will go back again.